Nero Vision 5 cuts off my video

I guess the title says it all. I’ve been trying to burn some video tracks via Nero Vision 5, and it continuously cuts them short. Oddly, it always cuts the -same ones- short, and leaves the others untouched. Is there a bug or a work-around I’m not aware of? I tried to google this, but got nowhere.

If you are transcoding one file to fit a DVD, you have to be sure to select the “Fit to Disc” option. Going from memory, it’s either in the options menu or part of the wizard the guides you through starting the process.

That’s all I’ve got for now. FTR, I use NeroVision all the time and the only problems I ever have is occasional artifacting usually because I forget I’m using it and start other applications that screw up the process.

Fit-To-Disc is enabled as a default. I don’t think it’s cutting anything off due to space, and when I go to the editor, the video is all there. When I burn it, however, it does about 1/4 of the video and then goes on to the next item (or stops, if it’s the last video on the list). The Nero tech support stuff has been amazingly un-helpful on the matter. Anyone else have any ideas?

Perhaps some info on the type of files you are combining (home movies or DRM protected files) might be helpful. Also, are you running a demo version of Nero? What are the differences between the files that work and the ones that don’t? What type of codec, length, file size, etc.

Well, I was just going to respond about that when my Nero went crazy. I can’t seem to find any support out there on this either, but for whatever reason, starting this morning, it seems unable to recognize .avi files as legit. Even .avi files that it burned, oh, say, three days ago. I’m not sure what’s up, but it keeps telling me ‘This File Format is Not Supported’ and won’t even put the avi on the menu.
I’ve looked for avi to mpg converters, but everything I find out there is non-share-ware, and I’d really not like to have to spend cash on something that this stupid program did JUST FINE last week.
Any insight would be helpful.

Hmmm…install any new codecs? Any trial version stuff going on with Nero Vision? Vista Codec Pack contains everything you might need to display audio/video formats. I’d try that (assuming you’re running Vista). Also, try uninstalling/reinstalling Nero; perhaps something has become corrupted.