Lost video&audio sync on DVD-Rs

I use Nerovision Express 2 to burn AVI files to DVD-R and my results have been mixed. Sometimes, like on my most recent burn, the audio will completly lose sync with the video when I am watching it. However, if I skip to the next chapter(about ten minutes into the video) the sync will return to normal. I tried it on different DVD players; the one connected to my TV will lose sync a few seconds into playing only to return when I go to the aforementioned chapter. When I played it in my PS2 the sound completely cuts out then returns at the chapter. When I play it on my PC it struggles to keep the sync but it is still far behind and the video is choppy. On all my players, If I try to search past the point when the audio screws up and stop before the ten minutes the resulting video is very fast and has no audio. Could the sync problems be because I am using cheap media(Comp USA brand)? Could it be a corruption in the source AVI(The one I just burned was XviD but I usually use Divx). Or is it that Nerovision Express just doesn’t like AVI files?

The problem is most likely with the original AVI file.

Make sure there are no errors in the stream and that there is no audio gaps/ out of synch spots.

Try re-encoding with different software too, that might help.

That’s a common problem with Divx. Try separating the audio from the video (with e.g. VirtualDub), then encoding the video, then joining them back up when you burn the disc.