Video/Audio Sync problems on AVI files

I’ve got a few movie files that the family and I watch from time to time on the TV. The system is a P-III 733 with 128MB and two 15GB hdd runng a Raedon TV-out card.

Occasionally, for some reason I can’t determine, the video and audio will lose sync with each other, sometimes ofsetting by 60 seconds or more. It typically happens towards the middle of a movie, then corrects itself, messes up, and continues doing this.

Any ideas? Is it too little memory? Disk space? Crappy sound card?

I basically have the same problem, only in my case it starts as soon as the AVI starts playing. You didn’t say if it happens with every movie, though: with me, it just seems to be with a few movies. I’ve always chalked it up to the age of my computer, though.

Why? It could be any number of reasons, but it probably doesn’t have to do with your PC processor speed, disk space, or any other generic problem.

Likely it has to do with differences between the program that rendered the AVI and the program you are using to play the file.

Does it happen when you play the AVI directly to your computer monitor? Does it happen in the same place, all the time, or is it an intermittent problem?

In any case, all the information you are likely to need to fix it can be found on the VCDHELP site.

If you can’t find the problem through the FAQ or in the guides, they have a good forum there for these types of issues.

Thanks for the responses. I’ll cheack out that forum AZ.