Help Cure My Tip of The Tongue Phenomenon!

I am trying to think of a specific term/phrase that I can’t quite retrieve from the recesses of my mind. The hints for the phrase I am thinking of (or want to be thinking of, if only I could remember it) are:

  1. It refers to the nature of someone who is stubborn, pig-headed, ornery. Think “Jud” from Oklahoma!, or a commander who ends up getting all of his troops killed because of a lack of a willingness to deviate from the original plan regardless of how the battle unfolds, as an example.

  2. It is kind of an old-fashioned phrase, maybe 19th Century or early 20th Century, possibly an American country-folk phrase, or possibly a British English phrase.

  3. I think it consists of multiple elements.

  4. I think it ends in “-ness”.

  5. I think its elements indivudually sound nicer than the meaning as a whole, like some Southern phrases.

  6. I think maybe it contains the word “blessed” with the “ed” distinctly pronounced: “bless-ed”

The closest I can come up with is “God-blessedness,” except that doesn’t mean what I am thinking of, but if it did refer to someone who was ornery that would be an example of what I mean in #5.

#3, #4, #5, and #6 are not absolutes; they are only my vague impressions of the phrase as I am trying to recall it. The phrase that triggers a “That’s it!” in my mind might not have all of those attributes.

Although these are in the right vicinity, the term is not:


It is not a made-up phrase, it was something that was used, if now archaic. I will know it when I see it.

Any ideas?


JSGoddess in one! Thank you!



Asked and answered, so please close this thread.

Thread’s still open. Cussed mods!

Of course, “cussed” it typically pronounced more like “cusst” (especially when used as a verb, but possibly also when used as an adjective).

So we should write it “cusséd”, like so many verbal adjectives in Shakespeare. And “cussedness” should be written “cussédness”.