Help! Do you recognize this retro font?

My client has given me only web-sized bitmap source materials to work with and I have to do up some logos at a resolution that will look decent on a movie screen.

I’ve redrawn most of the graphics, but I’m hoping to avoid the tedious task of reproducing a bunch of text with Photoshop’s pen tool. If I had the font, I’d be good to go.

Do you recognize it? Know where I can find it?

I would be very grateful.


identifont may be of help …

I loaded your bits here, and the utility suggested:

Stratum 1 Black
Unit-Ultra Alternate
Tricon Extra Bold

Baveuse seems close.

It’s called “Baveuse.” You can get it here.
I knew I had that one.

Thank you so much!

That shaves three hours of work off, easy.