Help finding a thread

Someone posted a thread fairly recently (a week ago?) with a link to a video about the health benefits of walking. It was illustrated by a white board artists, IIRC.

I’ve searched and searched but can’t seem to find it again. I want to forward it to some friends. Can anyone help me find it? Thanks.

Here you go.

EDIT: Here is the thread, if you wanted or needed it too.

Wow, that was fast! Thanks, C_I_B.

EDIT: I just wanted the link, thanks again.

I’m sorry, but I still have to charge for getting you the thread. Would you like to pay now or should I just apply it to your card?

You’re welcome though. T’was an informative video.

FYI, searching for “health benefits of walking” - terms in your OP - came up with the thread in question at #3 in the search results.

I tried it - you’re right (well, 4[sup]rth[/sup] actually). I can’t remember what search terms I used but I really did try to find it on my own before I asked. I’ve come to believe that using the search function here is more art than science.