Help finding an old post..

One of my friends has been reading some old amusing posts he’s come across in the course of his internet wanderings (he mentioned the Peach… boom! story to me today) and I remembered another one that I thought he’d like but I can’t seem to locate it.

This one is from a few years back. I don’t recall who posted it, I just remember it was a male poster who described how, after a long night of gaming, he had just gotten to bed when some Jehovah Witnesses knocked on his door and he was so annoyed when they wouldn’t go away he pulled out a sword (iirc) that he kept by the door and chased them with it.

Help finding this would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to share it with my friend (and read it again myself!).

Here you go. Post #31.

Thank you!

I kept trying Jehovah Witness sword, didn’t think to drop off the Jehovah part…