Help finding info on autumn in Iraq

I am a teachers aide helping folks learn to speak English as second language. My teacher (aka the boss) has given me the task of preparing a presentation on Autumn in Iraq, Nepal and Australia with a focus on words associated with the season in those countries (clothing, weather, food, colours etc). As well as finding pictures associated with those things. I’m afraid I am not having a lot of luck with Iraq at the moment so I am coming to you guys with the big brains and all to help me out

I did find a nice Iraqi cat video while I was hunting for “Autumn in Iraq”جمال_الخريف_في_العراق_Beauty_of_autumn_in_Iraqwmv

Warning the second video is loud and scared the crap out of me


I served there. What exactly do you want to know? It’s different in various areas of the country—it’s not at all desert and drought as the news would lead you to believe.

Yeah, I spent a couple years there as well. It is generally cooler and can be rainy depending where you are.