Help finding proxy server info, please.

I’m trying to install AVG. A popup window from them asks for the following info (fields to be filled in):

connection failed; this application requires internet connectivity. if you are using proxy server, please specify teh settings below:

Server: (blank field)
Port: (it says ‘80’ in the field.)

Radio box says: Use proxy authentication

Select authentication: grayed in "any’ field
username: grayed in
Password: grayed in


Now, I don’t know if i use a proxy server or not. I have internet through Cox Communications (cable). I clicked thru to: Internet Options; Internet properties came up; clicked on ‘connections’ tab; clicked on “Lan Settings”
And saw the same thing as AVG screen asked for, only they were all grayed in;
What’s going on? Do I have a proxy server? If so, what is it? If not, how can I make AVG connect for me? I use Google Chrome for my browser.


Look up your router/modem if applicable. Reserve a port for AVG in the settings and type the same number into AVG.

Got 'er done!