Help me hack this proxy server....

Is there a way to get around a proxy server?

See, at work there is a countywide network but it won’t let me check my web based email or use mIRC. Not to mentiont the limit on kiddie porn!!

Anyway, is there anything I can do to somehow avoid or bypass the proxy? Getting caught is not an issue. I plug into the network from a laptop at a different location everyday, so I really don’t care if they know someone is doing it. I just want to know if it can be done at all, and if so, how?

ask your IT guy, hell probably tell you what port Http is routed through…Although it depends on how tight it is locked up. (present a busines reason to access the internt. BTW it doesnt matter if you move around, we know where / who you are. You probably have a log in, and failing that you do have a fixed mac address.

This is what I do:

There are Network connections in every classroom. Even the ones without computers. And most of them do not have computers.
Anyway, whenever I sit down in a room, the first thing I do is find the little network jack on the wall. I pop the little plastic cap off (most of these have never been used. if a computer is already plugged in, I just un plug it and plug mine in) and then I plug my cord in the whole.
I set Internet Explorer to connect using a proxy, specifically “bess-proxy.sdhc.k12/” connecting on port “8080” and then I just browse the web.I got AOL IM to work fine, but mIRC wont, AOL wont and, mIRC wont.
I dont have to log in or anything. I just plug in and browse. Matter of fact, my computer now detects if it needs to use the proxy or not, so I only entered the proxy setting once. If I am on my cable modem at home, or connecting on a dial-up it will avoid going through the proxy on its own. So all I really do, is plug in the wall and start browsing. I dont log in or mess with my setting anymore.

Again, I dont care if they even know it’s me. If they tell me to stop, I will just say “ok”. Nothing big will come of it. I am not really worried about it. I am not really going to browse kiddie porn. (I can wait 'till I get home for that.)

Sounds like Port 8080 is your HTTP port. The reason you couldn’t get it to work on port 25 (back in my thread) is that port 25 is for email and the likes.

Damn… I think I just suck ass at explaining myself here.

I will try again.

The proxy server works fine. I can browse almost everywhere I want to. I connect to the server with no problems. It even allows me access to the PIT and threads with lots of bad language. This proxy is designed to filter out all that stuff for the students. In fact, I once tried to connect to the straightdope on a computer intended for student use and the thing immediately blocked it out because of all the sex you guys talk about :slight_smile:
But when I connect on a teacher’s compter (or my laptop) I can access all the pages with bad words. It is much less restricted.
Also, I can connect to AOL Instant Messenger (using port 25) but not AOL on any port. Also, I cannot get mIRC or my web based email or of course Napster to work. The proxy blocks this stuff out. The only reason I figured out AOL IM would connect at all was under setup it had a thing that automatically scanned all the ports to see if it could connect. And it found that port.

My questions are:

Is there a way to manipulate mIRC to work through this proxy the way AIM did?

Is there a way to bypass the proxy all together so that I would have uninhibited web browsing and be able to check my email and connect to AOL and anything I wanted?

Can you use telnet to get to your machine at home? If that’s not possible, there’s always remote-admin software like BO2K (Not just for h4x0rz anymore!) that you can use to get to your home box.

Somewhere, mIRC has a “proxy server” option. Maybe that’d help.

Telnet doest work. I used telnet to connect to (the only telnet address I could think of) and I got the University Login screen.

How do I use this to connect to my home computer; how do I use that connection to browse the web through my home compuer?

I dont normally post to correct spelling errors (since I have so many) but the “doest” looks a lot like ‘doesn’t’.

The first sentence should be Telnet does work.

Okay, so you can use telnet. Nifty. There are two ways to go from here: (I’m assuming you’re using Win32)

  1. Go to and look for a program called Telnet Server for Windows 95/98. Download, install. You should then be able to telnet to your IP address from whereever. Be sure to find text-based clients for stuff. BitchX is a venerable text-based IRC client, available from I’m assuming, of course, that you either have broadband or a dedicated modem line. If that isn’t the case, then…

  2. Get a friend who uses a Unix variant and has broadband or a dedicated modem line. Beg for an account. Telnet in. Log in. Type “bitchx (nick) (server)”. Enjoy.

(and no, I don’t have broadband or a dedicated modem line.)

Oh, I see you also need to check your webby email. Most of the services allow you to get mail with any mail client, but if you’re not wanting to do that, get (or convince whoever to get) w3m. I think it’s at, or just try Google. You’ll also need something called cygwin, which should be linked from whatever site the Win32 version of w3m is on.

Hope I helped.

well, it sounds like the S-Terry Dan knows what s/he is talking about.

One thing that I didn’t pick up (and it may be here, and I just didn’t know what I am looking for) – but did we establish that this:

was the settings in you HTTP proxy, and not in the Socks proxy? If it is a socks server, there is an app called sockcap that allows you to get through a socks proxy server. Get it here.

If it is indeed an HTTP proxy, then please ignore me.

If the proxy is set up correctly, there should be no way to do it at all. You see, the proxy should be sitting on two separate networks, your school’s and the Internet. It will only pass back the traffic which it wants to. Unless you go up to the proxy server and unplug it and plug in your laptop to the same jack, you’ll be limited by the rules on the proxy. And it’s blocking the ports for AOL, Nabster and mIRC. What web based mail is it not allowing through? Maybe it’s just blocking hotmail, yahoo and other well known sites. Try something less well known.

Thanks for the information S-Terry!! I am going to install that stuff at home today and let you know how it went.
I didn’t realize I got more answers until just now… sorry for the late “thank you”.

Aestivalis, are you saying that not even S-Terry’s idea will work???