Help finding recent news story: person found in bathroom dead

This was in the past month, and I didn’t get around to reading it–and now I can’t find it… Anyway, a person was found dead, either on the toilet, or just in the bathroom, and it was going to be treated as a homicide. I think there were two other people living in the home that were going to be charged. That’s all I recall. It was this month, possibly in the past week.

Dude was a son/family of someone famous/famous family. First they said murder, then that he’d had a heart attack (or some other medical incident) while on the crapper. Seems the tabloids had got hold of ‘with his pants around his ankles’ bit and went from there.

I read an article about it, but can’t remember further details - sorry!

One of the Getty boys:

Thanks. Never made the connection. Nothing in the lead indicated it was Getty.