Who Killed Jon Benet?

I can tell by the way the brother looks out of his eyes that he’s about as sane as Charlie Manson.

He killed her.

“He must be guilty! He looks like a criminal!”

Well of course. and if he gets off it must show how screwed up our judicial system is

If he didn’t kill her, well then who did?

I think the brother did it too.

And if it wasn’t him, it was either the parents or someone close to the family. I think the Ramseys know damn well who did it.

I’m sure the next ‘tell-all’ book will reveal the killer’s true identity!

The butler did it.

Cnl Mustard

in the study

I read a book about the most dangerous ages for children are when they are below the age of five, when potty training is still being worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. That many of the deaths are attributable to a parent having cleaned up one too many messes and loses their grip, so to speak.

The latest supposition, and it has a ring of truth in relation to the above stat, is that Patsy went to check on Jon Benet and that she had wet her bed once again, and the punishment went too far.

But, JonBenet was just short of six years old, a bit older than most kids who lose their lives at the hands of their ‘caregivers’ and another common symptom of sexual abuse * is * incontinence or loose bowels. So, that both parents are involved in such a way that makes those two ‘parents’ really stick together.

So, it’s probably a combination of those two things. I don’t see it being the brother, but he may have some information that would enlighten the police, and he is being kept at bay, because of that.

But, for certain, I don’t see this case ever being solved.


“Please Disregard the Following.”

I don’t know and neither do you.

You’re right but isn’t it fun to speculate? I have to go with the OP.

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What bothers me about these high profile cases is that the public only gets to hear part of the story, then we jump to conclusions.

One of the things I’ve read in several reports is that there were no footprints in the snow leading to the house. What I only read in a one report is that there wasn’t snow on every side of the house. If there was an intruder, he/she could have came in on the side with no snow.

And the two reasons the former lead detective in the JonBenét Ramsey case (Steve Thomas)says he believes the mother wrote the note:

1)Patsy Ramsey started writing the lowercase letter “a” in a different way. They claim she did this so her writing samples wouldn’t match.
2)The signature. The ransom letter was signed off with an acronym, SBTC. Thomas claims Patsy Ramsey has a “penchant” for using acronyms and often signed cards with them.

1 is fairly weak, and 2 is very weak, in my opinion.

I think Mary Miles Minter’s mother did it. Just after Mabel Normand left with the books Jon-Benet had given her, Charlotte Shelby came in and shot . . . Oh, wait, different murder.

scylla - Burke and John Andrew have been COMPLETELY CLEARED.

Sorry for another post here, but Revtim you are correct - everyone has jumped to conclusions based on tabloid trash, talking heads, and general crap that has been repeated, leaked, and twisted so much that it now bears no semblence to reality.

If one wants to speculate about who killed that little girl, I suggest they educate themselves first - start with Ken Polzin’s site on JonBenet - and check out the jameson timeline and message boards for some FACTS.

Sorry, but this is a real sticking point with me.

Eve, everytime I read one of your posts, I have to go look up references on the internet! :frowning:

But it’s always worth it. :slight_smile:

In this case I was rewarded by these funny quotes:

“I like to get drunk and pinch babies.”
-Mabel Normand, when asked her hobbies.

“Excuse me, Frances, for pointing.”
-Mabel, to Frances Marion after pointing out a certain person she disliked and spewing forth a stream of vulgarities

Mabel Normand

Hey Missy-

Just because they have been “cleared” doesn’t mean that they didn’t do it.

Green Bean - their DNA does not match that which was found in her panties and comingled with her blood, nor does it match that found under her fingernails.

OJ was cleared too.

I read the book Perfect Murder Perfect Town.

I watched Entertainment Tonight and heard the sound bites.

I saw the interview with Baa-Baa Waa-Waa.

I know what time it is.

This is what happened:

Mr. Ramsey is a child molester.

He molested his son repeatedly, then turned his attentions to Jon Benet. He may even have shared his children with other pedophiliacs.

Confused disturbed and jealous, the boy murdered his sister. The DNA is not necessarily that of her killer. She may have struggled with her molester and been to drained to resist her brother whom she had no reason to fear.

I’m pretty sure that it was a suicide.

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