Who Killed Jon Benet?

Arnie—If I have introduced just one person to the glory that is Mabel Normand, I have not lived in vain.

Ya think I should start a “Who killed William Desmond Taylor” thread?

After all, it was you and me.

No, wait a minute. That was the Kennedys, and I’m pretty sure the Devil helped us out.

Never mind…

“It’s only common sense,
There are no accidents 'round here.”

DNA evidence? Feh! I still think Burke did it. Or maybe OJ did that one, too…

Do you mean paedophiles or haemophiliacs?

Has anyone heard about the two identically spaced markings that were found on her body? Two identically spaced markings that were matched to a specific model of stun-gun.

The Ramsey’s had no stun gun in the house. And presumably wouldn’t need one to subdue their own child.

There has been, I think, more evidence that the Ramsey’s didn’t do it then there has been that they had. I personally can’t explain why the focus remains on them, other than the obvious fact that the Boulder police didn’t have any better leads.

Do I know for sure? No. I wasn’t there, and the investigation was so botched from the get go that no one ever will. So the only true answer is that they are innocent, unless they are proven guilty.

I like to think that they didn’t do it. Some people like to think that they did.

All in all, I think that the Jon Benet case and the O.J. case, although the crimes were tragic, helped society in some way understand that there is no such thing as perfect justice. Before, there were some people that actually believed that the guilty always wind up in jail and the innocent always go free. Now, such misconceptions have been put to bed.

In closing, I have to say that the one piece of circumstantial evidence that gets me is the $108,000 ransom thing. The EXACT amount of John Ramsey’s bonus…If the Ramsey’s wrote the note and were trying to portray the kidnappers who were strangers from a “small foreign faction” WHY did they choose this odd amount??? It would seem to me to be the most stupid thing you could possibly do to choose an amount that only you and your business associates would know. If you’re trying to shift blame to someone who doesn’t exist, why make them so well acquainted with your business affairs??? Say what you will about John Ramsey, but I don’t think you can say that he is that ignorant. There were a lot of other things within that note that just didn’t sound like the Ramsey’s were stupid enough to write if they were trying to shift blame away from themselves.

I think it was someone who had connections with the family. Maybe a business partner, or client, or someone who worked for them and had access to the house and was familiar with it and the Ramsey’s MO. BUT, I don’t really know, it’s all just speculation.


Patsy’s got my vote…I can hear it now. “Oh, no. DAMN IT, JonBenet, I am so tired of this. I have told you and told you. This is TOTALLY unacceptable and you’re going to learn a LESSON this time!”

Mine’s five has never wet the bed. If I had a beautiful child who was perfect in every way except for bedwetting, I’d lose it (somewhat). I mean, what are you gonna do–just let her lay in it? Obviously there would be health risks & skin irritations…therefore, you’re faced with night after night after night of pulling sheets, pulling pajamas, putting on sheets, putting on pajamas. A couple years of this & I think we’d all be pretty maniacal–much less a Stage Mother like Patsy who pushed JonBenet mercilessly.

pedophile, meant pedophile.

Both the children were pretty disturbed. SOmething was going on there.

You see the way the Ramseys dressed Jon Benet up in her little bathing suits, and made her up to look like an adult. There are tons of pictures where they are clearly trying to make her look provocative and sexy, and it’s creepy.

Both the kids clearly had big problems. I think he either did it, or knows exactly what happened.

I think that if the Ramsey’s were not so rich and influential, they would have been convicted already. The actual killer is irrelevant. Police never like to look too far for their suspects.

Where’s the controversy? It was CLEARLY the dog that did it. If ever a stun-gun user there was, a dog it would have been.

The Ramseys were and are the natural focus of the investigation. Stranger-killings with no ancillary motive (such as robbery) are extremely rare. The VAST majority of murders involve a relative or more-than-casual acquaintance.

The case also broke a great many rules of the way things are done in kidnappings. “Every case is different,” you might say. But certain elements are hardly ever wavered from.

Writing an extremely lengthy ransom note, full of unusual phrases and requesting a very odd and relatively minuscule amount of money, using a notepad within the house, with evidence of earlier “practice notes,” doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Not coming prepared with your own materials for perpetrating the kidnapping (a ready-made ransom note; a piece of broom- or mop-handle for the garrote not from within the house) doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Finding JonBenet in a HUGE house full of people and taking her from her room unbeknownst to everyone else doesn’t ring true either. How would members of this “small foreign faction” have been assured that no one would have awoken in the middle of the night? Why would kidnappers want to risk a potentially noisy and attention-attracting confrontation with multiple people in the middle of the night in a fairly crowded neighborhood?

If the motive was ever money, why would they have killed her? If it was murder and/or sexual abuse, why would you stay for any length of time at all in a house full of people?

The biggest thing to me: Your 5-year old daughter has just been brutally murdered in your home. What parent doesn’t cooperate in any way they can with the police? What parent, knowing the first 48 hours are the most critical in capturing a criminal, delays talking to the police for weeks, and then only under a series of stipulations that render anything they had to offer virtually useless?

The murderer of JonBenet has the last name Ramsey; of that there can be almost no reasonable doubt. But because police botched the investigation early, and can’t pin it on one Ramsey in particular, I would be very surprised if this case is ever solved.

Incidentally, rumor has it that the Ramseys are living 14 miles up the road from me, in Charlevoix, Michigan. Maybe I should just head over with a plate of cookies and ask …

Give me immortality, or give me death!

It could be that what we’ve all interpreted as “very strange behavior” on the part of the Ramseys just after the murder is a direct result of television and the OJ trial.
The Ramseys’ reluctance to talk freely with the police or volunteer anything and the fact that they hired a lawyer immediately might be interpreted as the only smart thing they could do. As intelligent people with money in the bank, perhaps they anticipated the feeding frenzy of the press, the pressure that would be on the police to find the guilty party quickly, and acted accordingly, to protect themselves.
I’m reminded of something my grandfather, a retired NYC detective and inspector, told me:
“You ever get brought in by cops, for ANY reason, no matter how small or unimportant it seems, whatever you do, DON’T talk to them. Be friendly, polite, and ask very nicely for your lawyer.”
Maybe the Ramsey once got similar advice. Or maybe the fallout from the Menendez case and OJ taught them that lesson.
I agree with Scylla, though, that the son did it…