What's the concensus on who killed JonBenet Ramsey?

My source for news, Jay Leno, seems to think the parents did it. So what is the general concensus on it?

A news article I read the other day (on ABCnews.com, which is about as reliable as Leno) stated that the authorities consider the parents to still be under “an umbrella of suspicion.” I gather from that that the cops still think one or both of the parents did it, although we’ll probably never know.

I think one of the parents did it.

They showed the ransom note on TV early in the case and it was printed in a magazine later on. The thing I first noticed was the handwriting. It was meticulously clear and neat printing, something a well educated business person would cultivate.

The way it was worded indicated that the writer was educated and used to delivering orders or instructions. The mention of an attache case caught my attention because most people below a certain level in business almost always call such cases, brief cases.

The minute I saw the note, the way it was written, the words used and the neatness off it, I decided that the parents did the deed, possibly the father, or someone within the same economic and educational level. That person would have to have a close relationship with the family as well as an intimate knowledge of the house.

The thing that irritates me is that the family is obviously using every bit of influence they can to prevent too close of an investigation, which indicates that they are pretty well politically connected in the local community.

The parents did not do it. But they are involved. You see, the parents were pimping her out as a very high-priced whore to all their esteemed well-to-do friends.
One of them paid for the services during some posh party they were having, took her down to the basement and had sex with her. For whatever reason- be it rage, accident, grudge against the parents- he killed her. I think maybe the little girl just didn’t feel like doing it at the time and the guy became furious; probably already drunk. She probably started putting up a little fight and the guy ended up choking her. The parents know who did it, and they know what happend. The reason they do not tell anyone is because the fact that they were letting people f*ck their daughter for large amounts of money would surface. They would rather just be ‘suspected’ of murdering her, than ‘guilty’ of pimping her!
[sup]allegedly; imo[/sup]

Bear: Aren’t the parents rich? If so, why would they need to pimp out their daughter? And where’d you get your info that she was pimping out their daughter?

One member of the family killed her. The Ramsey’s resources combined with the incredible, mind numbing ineptness of the local police are the main reasons someone is not in jail today.

WAG based on television and newspaper/magazine accounts of the crime I have seen and heard.

Possibilities are:
1: Patsy Ramsey wrote the ransom note. This is 90% + certain. She killed her daughter in some kind of psychotic rage. Patsy Ramsey came across as highly unstable and potentially violent so her daughter may have wet the bed one too many times (or whatever) and she snapped.

2: JonBenet’s brother killed her in some kind of psychotic rage possibly related to molestation.

3: The father killed her in some kind of psychotic rage possibly related to molestation.

I think possibilities 1 and 2 are the most likely given
that her father (per standard family molester MO) would probably try to frighten her into silence rather than kill her.

The brother was actually recorded per the snippet of the phone conversation to the police that recorded his background inquiry about this sister and the father’s abrupt response to the boy inferring that the boy was responsible for something and to be quiet.

As I said WAG, but you can bet money the Ramseys know what happened and that someone has gotten away with murder.

Per Bear_Nenno’s suggestion (if serious) I believe the father was a billionare or close to it. I doubt they would have needed to sell their daughter to make ends meet.

Since nobody has yet been convicted of the killings, there is no official concensus on who did it. If you just want to know who individual Dopers think it was, then this is not the right forum. This thread is closed.