Help For a Seventh Grader's Science Project Survey?

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My little brother is currently in 7th grade, and he’s doing a science fair project. His subject is Global Warming, and his tutor has aided him with a survey for the occasion. Since he needs more adult input than just family, I’ve printed up some forms to bring to work today, and I also figured maybe some Dopers wouldn’t mind giving their input? You may PM me if you wish with your answers, and I’ll fill them all out on the forms. It asks for name and address, but we can forgo the address part. If you’re not comfortable with giving your name, it’s probably okay, as my mother just said to “make a name up”, so feel free to make up a fake name if you wish. Below is the form statements and questions:

To anyone who participates, thank you for your input!

On the way in just a moment! I’ll PM you momentarily.

Science is cool. :cool:

My survey is on its way!

Response sent!

Thank you everyone who has sent me replies so far! I’m so happy you’ve helped out, and it’s been really interesting to read the results thus far. :slight_smile: