Help for rubs and/or marinades

I’m trying to force myself to eat at home more often, in an effort to avoid fried foods.

So for this week, at least, I’ve got a steak and two pork chops. If anyone could offer up some ideas that don’t call for extremely exotic spices or oils, I’d be most appreciative. I’ve got $100 riding on a weight loss bet.

For the steak: Mash up a garlic clove with a tablespoon of good olive oil, several healthy grinds of coarse black pepper, and a doot of anchovy paste (or an anchovy). Rub the moosh into both sides of the steak about an hour before it hits the grill.

For the chops: Rub each side with a cut garlic clove, then spread a half-teaspoon of Dijon mustard on each side. Again, about an hour before you cook them. You can salt & pepper them as they grill.

Those are my basic Easy and Mighty Good Tricks for beef and pork. If you want to go fancier, let me know.

Many thanks again, Ike. And please, if you have time, get as fancy as you want.

For the pork chops, try combining Italian dressing with an equal amount of orange juice. I thought the idea was dis-gustin’ too, but Babe’s Babe and I had it last night and it was fantastic.
Easy as pi, too (so long as you don’t compute it out too many digits)

If you are anywhere near Evanston (near Chicago) or Milwaukee, there is a store called ‘The Spice House’ that sells only various spices (eg. 15 different kinds of pepper, 10 different currys) They have a Chicago Steak Rub seasoning blend that is wonderful. That is all that we use when we BBQ steaks.

Is there any significant caloric/fat intake from a typical marinade where you soak the meat in it, take the meat out, and don’t use the marinade again?

I can never lose weight on meat.
You’re best bet is to make something that’s mostly rice. That will have enough fiber to fill you up, and you still get the flavor of meat, which you don’t with meat in a salad for example.

For pork:[ul][li]Two parts onion powder[/li][li]One part garlic powder[/li][li]Half part salt[/li][li]Quarter part ground white pepper[/li][li]Quarter part ground paprika[/li][li]Eighth part cornstarch or flour[/li][li]Eighth part white or brown sugar[/li]
Do not use onion or garlic salt![/ul]

For some real tastiness please try my recipe for Wiener Schnitzel. It is very simple and makes wonderful pork cutlets. Be sure to hammer out the boned chops, a step I forgot to mention until later in the recipe thread.
As to the beef:[ul][li]Rub with soft butter[/li]
Then dust with a mix of:

[li]Salt[/li][li]Dash red chili powder[/li][li]Dash Garlic powder[/li][li]Dash sugar[/li]

[li]Roll in cracked black pepper or crushed five color peppercorns[/ul][/li]You may also want to consider my recipe for Chicken Fried Steak. Both this one and the Wiener Schnitzel recipe have gotten good reviews in the thread. Keep in mind that Ike’s is every bit as good as anything here.

As to losing weight weight, if you are going to do this while eating meat, you will want to avoid eating a lot of starch unless it represents 90% of the meal. The chicken fried steak isn’t low calorie, so I’d go with the peppersteak recipe. Eat a lot of fruit, go slow on the salt and drink tons of water.