Help! Getting slammed with text spams.

Within the last week, I’ve started getting spams-by-text. Some of them are no big deal–a 10cent text that’s annoying but deletable.

But some of these are supertexts. I don’t have a plan with my provider, just pay-as-you-go (since I don’t use my cel that much). So my minutes are gradually depleted by usage. But some of these text swallow 100 minutes at a time. ARRGGHH!!!

So I’m about to call my cel phone provider to see what can be done, but I’d love to hear any suggestions from the masses as to (a) resources out there to get me off whatever list my phone is clearly on right now, and (b) strategies to deal with my provider (T-Mobile) whom I am otherwise quite happy with. But these $10/pop unsolicited texts are going to kill me.

I really really really really don’t want to change my number.

Any help, advice, or words from the wise? Much obliged. :mad:

Are they all coming from the same person? My service (Sprint) has an option that lets you block all texts from a specific number. However, according to them, there is no way to block all texts beforehand, so as you receive spam, you need to add that number to the block list.

It turns out that these supertexts were actually not texts but some kind of large download spam files, but since my cel is old and dumb (non-“smart”), it chose to read it as a text but still laid down the $10 fee.

T-Mobile was able to isolate these charges ($25 in the last 3 days) and refund my balance, and then ostensibly put a block on all these large datafiles so I won’t be receiving them (or getting charged for them) anymore…

We’ll see if that works, but I’m hoping it does. :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting simple SMS messages that are spam for loans, maybe once or twice a week. I filed a complaint with the FCC. I’m not sure that will do anything, but it can’t hoit.

Is there a way I can get T-Mobile to put my received text messages on a whitelist? 99% of the texts I receive, lifetime, are spam and rarely provide a phone number.

It sounded like they had a hard time blocking some texts and not others. I didn’t get into blocking individual callers because it sounded like their solution was easier for my problem, so I’m waiting to see if it ends up working out that way…

I got my very first spam message today. Hope that’s not the start of a trend.

At least my unwanted text messages are more exciting! I just got one this morning saying “OMG (singer name) is performing at Cuban Petes tonight!” I forget the singer name but some spanish-sounding guy. They must assume that I am a hip and happening clubster.

My understanding is that most of the text spam originates from the internet as opposed to being sent from a phone. Unless you have a lot of friends that send e-mails to your text messaging system I would just block all internet messages. Here is a page that gives carrier-specific instructions near the bottom of the page. T-mobile is on the list.

ETA: This could be a problem if you get updates on airline flight info, etc. via text message. I think you can easily toggle between blocked and unblocked if need be.

I get about 3 spam texts a day now- it’s seriously obnoxious. I was hoping this post would have an explanation about how to stop them, but I guess for now I’ll just have to ignore them.

This is what I had to do when we were on T-Mobile. We called them up and had them block all computer-sent texts.

Most cell phone providers have a text back # where you forward the text back to (for instance) AT&T and they credit your account automatically. AT&T forward spam text solution Since using it, I have never received a similar spam again and actually don’t think I’ve gotten another one since the week I forwarded three of them in.

Could we create a Boycott List for all businesses that use text spamming?

I tried using that for the few text spams I was getting. Then I got a text spam from a “short code” number, forwarded it, answered the responder with the short code number, and insteading of getting the normal “thank you” response, it told me it was a short code number and that I had to respond to the original spam with “stop”! Screw that; that’s got to be akin to responding to spam email. Instead I called and told them to deactive texting on the account, period.

Yeah, I tried this whole forwarding thing last night and it did the same thing- it wrote back, telling me to respond “STOP” to the text. Gee, that’s worked so well thus far.