Help! Giant Text Killing My Eyes.

Ok, I just finished reading an online newspaper and everything was fine. Then I signed on here and the text was gigantic…the whole page was huge. A lot bigger than it usually is. It’s not bigger side to side, though. Just giant text, like I’m looking at the screen through a magnifying glass. Usually I see about ten thread titles on the screen, but now only four fit. I sure could use some help here before my eyes go bad…and any help would be appreciated.

Hold down <ctrl> and roll your mouse wheel. All will be well.

OK…nevermind…I went to the top of page(Internet Explorer) and clicked on “view”, then down to “text size”. It was on “large” and I changed it and now looks the way it used to. I’m still wondering how it changed without me doing anything, though.


(I suspect you inadvertently did the <ctrl>/Wheel thing)

And I suspect you are right. Thanks for the help. I’ll have to be more careful when doing my email with the keyboard in my lap.

My IE flips into large text at random too. You got it, go to View then Text Size and set it back.

There are circumstances where mail client settings (particularly Outlook) can cause the IE text size to change against your will.

I can’t seem to find the MSKB article, but I do know that it applies to a broader range of browser versions and mail clients than the article mentions.