What is resetting my text size in Internet Explorer?

Several times a day I find that the text size in IE is changed from Large to medium. At first I thought it was a web site, but I can’t track it to one and I basically surf the same places at home that I surf here at work and it doesn’t happen at home. Anyone have any insights?

Ctl+mouse wheel adjusts the text size, so it’s possible you may be doing this accidentally. If your work mouse has a wheel and your home mouse doesn’t, that would nail it.

Under certain circumstances, your email client (particularly if you’re using Outlook or Outlook Express) can cause the selected IE text size to reset.

There’s some info about it here:

NB: it affects more versions of IE and is impacted by more mail clients than those few listed in the article.

Mangetout, that nailed it. Outlook seems to reset it when I open an email. Thanks.