Help Hillary by giving her a great debate zinger

In last night’s Samantha Bee’s episode she talked about Roger Ailes assisting Ronald Reagan in 1984 by giving him a ready quip for the obvious question about his age: “I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience”. We were watching the debate, and after Reagan said that line I turned to my wife and said he just won the election.

So, if you were a Roger Ailes-type, working for Hillary Clinton, what zinger would you have her use at her debate with Trump? Here’s one:

  • I know how much I earned last year, how much I paid in taxes, and how much I gave to charities. (turn to Trump) I earned more than you, paid more in taxes than you, and gave more to charities than you. Prove me wrong by releasing your tax returns.

What would be your zinger?

Reminds me of this Onion piece from the last election.

I don’t think the debates will be decided by zingers. Hillary will likely just patiently wait for Trump to throw out a sort of anti-zinger, a statement so stupid and offensive that it makes him look like a loser.

Walk onstage munching from a bag of Skittles. Offer him some.

Walk onstage, pretend to collapse. Yell “Help! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” Laugh, get up, tear him a new one.

Work a reference to Donald’s lack of wealth (and always call him “Donald”, not “Mr. Trump”) in every answer – asked about Iran, she says “like we should for Donald’s claims of supposed wealth, we’re not going to trust Iran – we’re going to verify that they’re staying true to their commitments”… On the economy – “unlike Donald’s supposed wealth, my economic plan is very clearly documented on my website and in dozens of interviews – as President, I will…”

Donald won’t be able to resist and will focus on the wealth comments with each retort, rather than the actual issue – that’s his biggest sensitivity. And hopefully it will work him up into saying something really stupid.

So that’s what I’d advise – give detailed answers, but work something into each answer specifically designed to needle Trump. He won’t be disciplined enough to ignore it.

Come on stage strumming a guitar and singing “Born in the USA, he was born in the USA…” I think The Boss will let her get away with that.

Boy, this is tough! Its not all beer and skittles…

Zinger or not…

Unless the timing and execution are JUST right IMO any zinger Hillary sends will probably backfire. Because there is a fair chance it will look scripted (and for that matter probably IS scripted) and Hillary won’t deliver it quite right blah blah blah…

Say what you want about Trump, but the man can actually shoot the shit and talk off the cuff…Hillary not so much.

Yeah, Hillary MIGHT send a zinger that Hillary lovers love and Hillary haters hate but the real question is how a Hillary zinger would resonate with the truelly deplorables…the undecided voters :slight_smile:

If I was on Hillary’s staff I warn her away from any possible comedy angle as an actual plan (not to say there isn’t sometime a perfect moment that just CANNOT be passed by).

Comedy LOOKS easy. Any comedian will tell you otherwise.

I will make a sorta prediction here. IF the debate has a clear “winner” (as shown by the polls and not the intellectual elite here on the SDMB) and it is Trump, it will be because this debate went down like the Reagan/Carter debate.

Look Donald, my hands are bigger than yours!

Trump replies, “That’s a man, Baby!” a la Austin Powers.

I loled :slight_smile:

“I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s ill temper and inexperience. Just kidding, I’m totally going to exploit that.”

Walk onstage, pretend to stumble, jump up, yell, “Live! From New York!”

(Okay, younger folks won’t recognize the reference. But remember when Dole fell getting off the airplane? I always thought he’d have gotten significantly more votes if he’d hopped up and did the “Live! From New York!” bit, which was still pretty current at the time.)

She should call him a millionaire.

Actually, this makes me think of another possibility: “I don’t hold it against Donald that he’s afraid to release his tax records. His whole brand is based on his incredible wealth and success – releasing his tax records could destroy it. I have no personal ill will against Donald and I’m actually quite fond of some of his family members, so I am happy to go along with the fiction that he’s very wealthy and successful, and after this election I hope Donald and his brand recover their image successfully”.

And she’s gotta be very, very sincere when saying it. It might work best as part of her opening statement, followed up by lots of policy details. It could totally throw Donald off.

“Mr. Trump, President George HW Bush , intends to vote for me. This proves your own party doesn’t believe in your candidacy.”

“Well, Bill Clinton always chooses someone other than you.”

Yeah! Employ Donald’s deft comedic timing and wit! What could possibly go wrong!

“No, Your Gross, the joke is that Bill is married to her, and would still pick somebody else…yes, we know he’s campaigning for her, but that’s not…”

Yeah, I definitely think suggesting that Bill’s infidelity is Hillary’s fault is a winning approach for Trump. Hopefully lots of internet trolls are advising him similarly.

Given her numbers (even among supporters) regarding honesty/trustworthyness IMO that is almost a non starter strategy wise (not to so say Donalds number are any/much better).

IMO Hillary might have had a chance with self deprecating humor if she had been doing it for years…now, even that probably won’t work as it will just as likely been in a bad light.

One that I’ve imagined: After Trump says something totally false (pick 'em), Hillary clearly states what he said and then says: “Donald, I will bet you a dollar that you are incorrect in saying X.” while pulling out a dollar and laying it in front of her. If he says he doesn’t have a dollar, smile and say “that’s O.K., I believe that you are good for it.”

He either has to accept the bet (on Hillary’s terms) or refuse it, which will make him look ‘weak’ to his true believers. And if he tries the same thing on her (and during a 90 minute debate, there will be opportunity for Hillary to mis-speak, then he nothing but a copycat (and a fair chance that he loses that one).

It would have to be pre-planned, with 2-3 items fully researched so that Clinton KNOWS she will win the bet and the discipline not to use it if those topics don’t come up.

But it might be devastating.

IMHO as always. YMMV.

“Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson did not know what Aleppo was. Can you Mr. Trump tell us what Aleppo means?”

“Absolutely! I’ll even use it in a sentence. Aleppo the party after they ran out of booze.”