Help Hillary by giving her a great debate zinger

Oh, please, please, don’t deploy the tighty-righty sense of humor! C’mon, play nice, at least give us a chance!

“Mr. Trump, do you renounce and condemn Pepe?”

“Yes, I hope he croaks. Rim shot please!”

No, he’ll think Pepe the Frog is a wetback.

Despite my earlier post, it probably is not a good idea for Hillary to attempt zingers. She’ll need a couple of good comebacks for certain Trump talking points but just keep them on point and boring.

And despite PCP contributions, I’ve not noticed Trump to be that great with the comedic riffing. Mostly his comebacks are in the vein of a poor man’s Don Rickles and I didn’t even find the real Rickles very amusing.

Eta: holy crap, Don Rickles is still alive! And working!

All the qualities of a rattlesnake, but lacks the warmth.

Mr Trump, how will your overseas investments affect your foreign policy decisions?

Holy E crap seconded.

If I was even a remotely rich/famous/powerful person Rickles would be my worst nighmare.

That dude is/was brutal.

Donald: “Your husband got a blow job.”

Hillary: “Your three wives tell me your dick is so teensy that they always have to fit two big black guys in there along with you to get a proper mouthful.”

Now, the question is, do Trump supporters get turned off by the revelation of his tiny dick, or do they empathize? And get kind of turned on by the image of sharing with two big naked black guys?

“How dare you bring my wives into this debate!”

“I want America to know that, if Mister Trump is elected president, I will be at his disposal; he can call on me for advice whenever he wants, as often as he wants.”

[This is where he maybe interrupts to say that’ll be never. But maybe he doesn’t.]

“And if I’m elected President, I’d like to know whether he’ll be available to give me advice, for the good of the nation; could I consult with you, at need, as an expert?”

[How does he respond?]

“Thank you Secretary Clinton. After the debate, I’ll get the phone number of your nursing home.”

That one registered at 240 millihicks. Mallard Fillmore averages about 300.

That’s what I was hoping for: on live national television, she gets to look like authentic across-the-aisle statesmanship, doing the whole country-before-party thing instead of going for a cheap zinger – and he looks like a man in his seventies, responding with a weird joke about a woman in her sixties. That’s gold!

She needs to do a Wonka roll.

*If you truly know how to defeat ISIS, why on earth haven’t you told anyone? How many more people have to die? *

Asked and answered: he doesn’t want to tip his hand, give them a chance to prepare. 'Course, if he could be declared President by acclamation, start tomorrow morning…

Cheap zingers isn’t her style and won’t work.

Needling him and raising his weak points, that’s potentially effective. “Donald, why won’t you release your tax returns? What are you hiding?” is not technically a “zinger” but it hurts. He has no really good way of responding.

Why should he respond? He doesn’t have to, he can just start in talking about something else entirely, his base eats that with a spoon! You keep thinking like its a debate, he isn’t going to debate.

Still think he’ll bail, but if he shows, it won’t be to debate.

I suspect the problem with most Hillary zingers are that Trump CAN comeback with a zinger of his own that hurts her about the same topic.

And for that matter, most Trump zingers that might get Hillary can be responded by her the same way.

IMO BOTH candidates live in some seriously glass houses…

You get it. Hillary’s idea of a joke is stuff like “Pokemon Go to the polls” or “Cautious Politician time.” That’s with preparation. She’s not good speaking off the cuff. This is more Obama’s territory (imagine that debate).

That’s really bad. Trump would just start talking about her unreleased speech transcripts and deleted e-mails.