Help! I broke my parents' computer!

Ok, now that i have your attention. I think I screwed it up pretty bad. Here’s the deal, they have one of these little “wearable” computers. It’s got a Panasonic “Toughscreen” which is basically a heavy duty touchscreen that has a wireless connection to the box.

So it’s also supposed to have a wireless connection to the internet, through one of those little cards. Long story short, I changed the IP address on the wrong component. So instead of changing the address on the internet connection, I changed it on the bit that talks to the little screen. This is a major bummer, because now I can’t access the computer, because the only input device (the screen) is incommunicado because it can’t talk ot the computer. There is a serial port (a female one) and also a digital I/F port. (What is that?) Can I somehow plug a keyboard and monitor into those? Thanks, Teeming Millions. If I don’t get it working, er… heads will roll or something.

(Oh yeah, it came with exactly zero documentation. We’re talking a little rag to clean the screen and instructions on how to clean the rag. I kid you not.)


Wow that’s quite the problem…

What are you docking the Toughscreen to? Do you know the model number (i.e. Toughbook 27)?

You mentioned that it has a female serial port, that might not be a serial port (I’ve always thought that they were only male; although I could be wrong) if it is female (has holes) and has three rows of them then you should be able to plug any monitor into it and the picture should appear on the attached monitor.

As for the digital I/F, the first thing that came to mind was infrared but that is IRdA. So I am of no help there.
Well not much in the way of help, but it is a start!

Black Lizard