Help, I broke the internet!

Yes, it’s all my fault. I don’t know what I did. But whenever I log on, I get all these attempts to go to another website, except the other website is not there!

Earlier today my computer kept trying to log onto somethnig called “lightzone” (or something like that) which was not there. So I kept getting error messages. Over and over. It opened a new window each time.

Now it’s doing the same thing, only the place it’s looing for uses japanese characters (or chinese, I can’t tell the difference). In about five minutes it opened 6different windows, then came me six failure messages.

I installed and ran Hijack This, but the log file is meaningless to me. Not sure what to do next.

After disconnecting your computer from your home network, try the following: open your browser’s settings page, and see if your homepage has been reset. If so, switch it to about:blank for now.

Make sure your firewall is enabled (either through Windows or your third-party software, if applicable).

If the answer to the first question is yes and the second one is no, come back.

You want to try Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware, the Free Edition of each.

HijackThis is for experts to analyse, and doesn’t actually fix anything in itself.

Homepage not reset.

Firewall enabled.

Also I found out I cannot start up in Safe Mode. I get a blue screen saying my computer has been shut down.

If you can get online with a different browser, try HouseCall.

There could be a number of problems. The most straightforward solution is to download the newest version of the Firefox browser (or another browser if you are already using that one) and try that. You can have more than one browser with no problem at all. They are just applications like any other. I don’t know what type of anti-virus software you have but AVAST is both free and good. You would need to download it and do a full computer scan. However, you don’t want to have more than one anti-virus software package running on your computer if you already have something like Norton installed. They can fight with each other.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, I would move away from that. The newest version is not terrible but it is the most popular because it gets bundled with computers so it gets targeted for lots of hijacks. Moving to something like Firefox may give you a quick fix for this problem.

You can also try Ccleaner to clean out a bunch of unwanted crap that other programs may be referencing. It is a very good program, safe, free, and reputable but you will lose lots of your stored setting like passwords if you use it so use my steps in order.