Need some computer help...

I installed adaware because, even though I’ve only had my computer for about 2 weeks, I have tons of popups and such. Adaware discovered ~70 objects that if felt needed to be removed, I chose to do such. After rebooting, my internet refuses to connect. I restored to a time before installing the program and everything is all well. Any idea if this is a virus of some sort, or any way that I can remedy the problem?

You will need to determine what file Adaware quarantined that caused your connection problem. By default Adaware can restore the files it quarantined from the last time the scan was run. You will need to search that list for the missing file. How do you connect? You should note that Adaware does not stop persistent popup ads. You will need to get a blocker or use Mozilla Firebird or Opera that can do this without any additional software.

Are you on dial-up or broadband? If it’s the latter, try resetting your modem.

Once you have a connection, get Free Surfer to block those popups.

I’ve had ad-aware and spybot blow up my network settings before too. There’s some spyware out there that seems to integrate itself with the network settings, and once removed it borks the network. I just uninstall and reinstall the network card drivers, which usually does the trick.

That’s what I was thinking. And I’m not really referring to regular popups, but that damn “Save” thing that I believe Bearshare installs as well as some Lycos stuff that’s placed itself in my toolbar.

Ah. Ad-aware and/or Spybot should have removed those. When’s the last time you updated?