HELP!!! I can't stop playing this!

Grrrrr…just as I was getting ready for bed, too! :mad:

Welp, I think the world should be relieved I have no intentions of ever becoming a helicopter pilot. :o

Hi Lola…

Odd. One of the spectators on the bottom turns your house into a hand but you can’t click on him.

Umm, mouse, not house.

Weird typo.

Round 7 is a lot of fun…:slight_smile:

Yay, I won!

Course, it was more fun to make the sled just fail to get through, and catapult the sledders over the horizon.

There was only 7 rounds. I finished it in maybe 5 minutes. I did intentionally crash some after the fire hoop though.

I did it! And I got round 7 on my first try. I like the music.

Sigh. Yet another game that I’m hopeless at—I did get through round 1 after about 10 tries but can’t make it through 2.

930 on helicopter game.

Even more fun on the toboggan game if you go over the ramp low power on the long ones. They land successfully and start celebrating. That is, until they run into the hoop stanchion at full speed.

Good times.

Play this game for five minutes and tell me you can stop.

Ok, so I feel dumb, but how do I get the game to start? It loaded and everything, but now there’s just a picture of the people and the damn music. And I’ve been sitting here for like 10 mins trying to figure it out, how sad is that? Anyone care to help?

XChick, just click on the bottom right where it says “Play the game”.