HELP!!! I can't stop playing this!


[link removed per request-Czarcasm]

oops, wrong link…

That first link is a friends vacation pic - not sure if they wanna be on a message board, so if a moderator would kindly delete.


I can’t get back level 6!

Past, not back.

Neither can I! I’m hurting those poor people bad! :smiley:

Try the Stair Dismount instead. It’s just plain evil.

I keep clicking and clicking, but I can’t get those people to go down the falls:mad:

As you wish.

Thank yew, Czarcasm :slight_smile:

Hehe ** Manduck** - now people aren’t gonna know what yer talking about! :smiley:

Got past 6. Round 7 is a killer.

Darn you Lola.

heh heh heh


Thanks Lola. That was fun!

I sat there listening to the music for about 5 minutes thinking, she can’t stop playing this song? Girl, you need help. Then I understood it was a game and those people ate powder each time.

Beat it in a matter of less than 10 minutes. Dont worry about letting the people burn a bit, as long as 1 is still alive.

Took me about 15-20 minutes d12.

patoupia, I played it with the sound turned off, is it really that bad?


I did it! :slight_smile:


Congrats Lola! That makes 3 of us now.:slight_smile:

I won!!! Round 7 got lucky
Hippo birdies to me
Good night all

Here, Lola, maybe this will help.

Or this.

Mwahahahaha! Spreading my obsessive-compulsive disorders on to others.