Help i.d. this Irish song.

Google has failed me so I turn to you, fellow Dopers.
I am trying to recall the name of a funny Irish tune that’s about a girl wanting to marry a lad but finding
out from her Da that he actually sired the lad making him her half brother.
This happens a few more times with different lads until she finally goes to her Ma in frustration and Ma tells her to marry anyone she likes because Da did not sire the girl. It’s not that obscure but I can’t recall the song title.

Thanks all.

I don’t know if it’s Irish, but it could be “Shame and Scandal in the Family.”

That’s it! I had no idea it originated on Trinidad.
Thank you for your help!:slight_smile:

The Irish version I’ve heard is “Johnny Be Fair.” This is considered a traditional song, meaning it’s presumably old enough that no one knows who wrote it. You might find that this predates the Trinidadian version, which is recent enough to have composer credits.

Mike Cross (American folksinger) wrote a version titled “Elma Turl.”

Ah, yes! Johnny Be Fair" it is! This is definitely the song!
This song makes me smile every time. :relaxed: