Help -- I need suggestions for a present

My suister’s birthday is coming up. She has just bought a brand new house, and is moving from her hiome of many years back to our old home town. I’d like to get her something appropriate and possibly necessary for the move. Any suggestions?

This is supposed to be a birthday present, but Christmas is comig up, so if it’s a long-lead item it’s still useful.

A brand new house, you say? So it’s going to have standard builder-boring white walls *all * the way through it?

Clearly, you must get her paint! I know that paint’s not very wrappable and she’d like to pick the colors herself, but a nice gift basket of tarps, tape, brushes and rollers with a gift certificate for paint; now that would be awesome.

How about a cool Cape Cod door knocker? Possibly engraved…

An assortment of gift certificates from local shops that have opened up since she moved away?

Do you her preferred style of art? If so, how about a painting or something to hand on one of her walls?

Gift certificates to restaurants. She’ll be unpacking and who wants to deal with cooking when you’re trying to set up a house??

Is she a DIY’er? A gift certificate to Lowe’s or Home Depot might work.