The Gift Dilemma

My sister and I are celebrating our birthdays this weekend. I have not yet purchased a gift for her. Maybe youze guys can help me decide. Here are the facts:

She’s moving to a really nice new apartment in August. She is going to dump her vinyl music in favor of CDs.

Here are my ideas:

  1. I get her a gift certificate for Pier One or somesuch so she can buy new stuff for her new place.

  2. I get her a gift certificate for music so she can replace some of her vinyl.

My budget is around $50. What would you go with? Do you have any better ideas (no clothing…I think she prefers to do that herself)? Thanks for you input!

Pier One.

It is always nice to be able to go buy something special for your new place and not feel like you spent outside of your budget to do it.

What about a gift certificate for Target (or equivalent)? That way she can choose stuff for her new place OR music.

'tis but a vicious rumor that Target actually has music.

(I’ve never once found music to buy there, and in the past 3 years i HAVE looked for at least 3 popular/well-advertised new releases. Then again, I only found one of those 3 at wal*mart.)

Pier One. It’s nice to get a gift certificate for something that you may not buy on your own. CDs are convenient but impersonal.

Fifty lottery tickets.

Happy Birthday! Are you twins, or did your parents just always have sex on the same day, each year?

I’d go with the Pier One certificate, too. But, I’d also recommend she hang on to her vinyl, as well. A) They sound better, unless she’s going to go all the way to DVD-A or Super-Audio CD, and B) they’re becoming more valuable by the day.

Dumb question, but does she like the furniture at Pier One? It can be a bit funky for some people. If so, then yeah, Pier One.

I don’t know what your sister’s decorating budget is, but $50 at Target goes a hell of a lot farther than it does at Pier One, and they have tons of cool stuff.

But I’d say Pier One, if that’s her gig, over the music place, just b/c a new place always gives us girls the urge to “nest,” so we love getting new pretty stuff. :smiley:

Just a thought, what is Pier one like, about returning unwanted gifts?
If you can be cool about this with your sister, and if pier1 allows any amount of reasonable returning. Then you could buy things for sis that you think she would like, but with her knowing that you are totally cool with the idea of her changing anything she doesn’t want for her apartment. That would IMHO be much more personal than a gift card, but for all intents and purposes have the same effect since sis could change things for the things she wants or needs if required.

Just give her the cash, and let her buy whatever she wants.

I’ve always been amused by gift certificates. Why do we feel the need to “soften” a gift of money by giving it as a certificate, in an envelope? Why is it crass just to give someone a fifty-dollar bill? It’s surely more appreciated, more convenient, and serves the exact same purpose, without the restrictions and waste of paper. I wonder if any other cultures have the same hesitations when it comes to giving people cash.

CD club plus cash. That will cover any future purchase requirements and get he a bunch of CD’s.

Lissa, a gift certificate releases the receiver from any nagging obligation they may feel to spend the money sensibly. If someone gave me fifty bucks, I’d pay bills with it. But if I got a gift certificate, I could blow it on something fun, guilt-free.

Well, thanks for all the responses! I decided to go with the gift certificate at Pier One. The reason I did that is because she’s been a Target Girl for a long time, and I wanted her to get something nice and different (which Pier One has loads of). I know her vinyl might be worth something, but I don’t think she wants to spend the money to get an old, inexpensive turntable fixed. I can burn CDs for her, so I can give her some music without actually spending the money.

I don’t think she’ll buy furniture…I think some cool glasses or pillows or fake flowers or a mirror or something will fill the bill.

I love Pier One. I could wander around in there all day.