Help - I need to find an alarm clock that wakes by light

Hi all, I am trying to get a certain type of alarm clock for a gift but can no longer find it. Instead of the alarm being some type of noise, it uses light. Dim at first then brightens to simulate the sun rising. I once found it at but it appears like they no longer have it. I have searched sharperimage, service merchandise, dealtime - and also ran search on yahoo and other engines from yahoo no luck. The clock that I did see is ‘natural rhythms sunrise/sunset clock’.

Also I’m not stuck on this model, just the concept.
Thank you

I was searching for this a while back… I was interested in one, but I thought it was a bit expensive…

You can find it here.

Hi, k2dave.

Here are some options:

[ul][li]Rise & Shine ( or[/li][li]SunRise ([/ul][/li]
I did a google search for:

"alarm clock" simulates sunrise


"alarm clock" wakes slowly sunrise

Happy shopping!


WOW what a fast response. Thanks, now I’m not sure which model to go for but at least I know I can still get them. and thanks for the search tips.

Why not use that big yellow one up in the sky? It’s free.

but haven’t you read my other threads about the trip I plan to make to Alpha Centuri.
If you really don’t understand, you can set the time you want the simulated sun to rise the same way you set your alarm clock - can’t do that with the big yellow ball.

OK just ordered one - the one wooba suggested as it was cheeper then the one jeyen suggested.

Thanks for your help.

The SDMB is a great place, and when things like this happen - it makes it even better.

During peak hrs the SDMB is slow and I know there was some talk about charging a membership fee. I originally opposed it, then after waiting to access these boards midday, I thought that maybe too many people were on here and a fee would weed out many so I can get on (then again it might weed me out too). Now thinking it over - it is a good thing to have this many people here. This place is unique on the web (IMHO) If there were fewer people here I might not have got an answer and is wouldn’t be the same w/o all you dopers out there.

I use that, I wake up the moment the sun streams in through my window. Unfortunately, my window faces west.

Set a parrot, or any loud bird (no essex jokes please)eg a cockrel and both you and your neighbours will be woken at sunrise.

Sorry, that should have read “Get a prarrot…”