Help ID 2 movies

I haven’t seen either of these movies in a long time and wouldn’t mind being able to find them.

When I was 9 or so, there was this movie I saw on tv a couple of times that always scared me. It was a woman in a Santa Claus mask and what I think was her family wearing various masks and they kidnapped a bunch of children. At the end, the children managed to build punji sticks to get away, I believe.

The second movie I saw twice when I was 14 on HBO in 1997. I could swear the movie was called Crimespree, but that never brings up anything related. It was a black and white movie with no talking, but it wasn’t silent. It had sound effects and all that. I think it started with a criminal escaping from a cop car and running loose and it set off a chain of events that eventually relate and come back to the criminal. I remember thinking it was funny both times I saw it.

Anyone know the names of these?

Australian, with Rachel Ward - Fortress

Thanks! I’ve wondered that for about 16 years. Now for the second one.