Help ID song from first "Rocky" and the old (Carson-era) Tonight Show...

  1. It’s an old school R&B instumental used in opening minutes of Rocky. Stallone puts a 45 record of this song on his turntable while he feeds Cuff and Link, looks at the pictures on his mirror, gets some ice for his swollen eye, etc.

  2. Wish I had some cash to pay the person who comes up with this ID. Doc and the band closed out the old Tonight Show every night with a snappy little piece that sounds a lot like Gil Evans-era Miles Davis number. But I don’t think so. What the hell was it?

Thanking you in advance…

I think the song on Rocky is Kool and the Gang’s Summer Madness later sampled by the Fresh Prince and DJ jazzy Jeff on Summertime. It’s also used on Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Well here are all of Doc’s Carson themes.

“Summer Madness” it is. Gonna take a while to track down that old Tonight Show music, but I really appreciate your help.

(It still amazes me that I can throw a question out into the ether
from the eastern U.S. and get an answer from halfway around the world—15 hours ahead, right? in less than 2 hours.

Thanks again and g’day mate.