The most rockinest song about rockin

Alright, there’s a million songs about rockin. There’s even a half million songs about people who rock (Ziggy Stardust, etc.) But we’re sticking to songs strictly about rockin. We have “Rockin into The Night”, “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “for Thoes About to Rock”, and many, many more.

But my personal favorite is probably that one that goes “Rockin! Yeah!” It captures everything awesome about rocking. First comes the chant “ROCKIN!” followed by guitar!, then comes YEAH!, with the slamming down on drums. Nothing rocks quite like “ROCKIN! YEAH!”

Kick Out the Jams, of which I give the slight edge to The Presidents of the United States of America’s version.*

Monster Magnet did a pretty rockin’ rendition too.

*I’m pretty sure I butchered some syntax with that sentence. I don’t really care. Not enough coffee for me yet.

“Footstompin’ Music” by Grand Funk Railroad?

Rock and Roll by Led Zepplin


Reelin’ and Rockin by Chuck Berry
Reelin’ and Rockin’ was notorious for one line in the song, which was edited out in the single version distributed to radio stations. It went:

Chuck was a nasty little SOB.

Rock This Town by Stray Cats.

Long Live Rock - The Who

Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) - Reunion.

The House is Rockin’ by Stevie Ray Vaughan

“I Wanna Rock” - Twisted Sister
“We Will Rock You” - Queen

[Jack Black]

Raise your hand and toast with the Goblet of Rock!!

[/Jack Black - or thereabouts]

A fine topic, that the OP covers in all of its rockin’ glory. I would add **Spinal Tap’s “The Glory of the Rock” **or whatever that song’s name is from Break Like the Wind.

If your tastes run towards rockin’ with a metal slant, I strongly recommend the book Hell Bent for Leather, which chronicles the writer’s (a classic UK teen getting into music) journey from AC/DC through The Maiden, Metallica and the like. Both deeply passionate and sincere while also fully aware of the absurdity in hindsight, it is, truly, rockin’. Kinda like Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City, which is also rockin’…

Rip It Up - Little Richard
Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard

I was thinking more like “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You (Tonight)”

“Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC.

“Turn Up The Radio” by Autograph.

Life goes better with rock!

“Rock & Roll all Nite” KISS

“I’m A Rocker” - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Good Rockin’ Tonight - Elvis Presley
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley

Old Time Rock & Roll Bob Seegar

“I Love Rock n Roll” - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

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That was originally written by The Arrows, of course. But the Joan Jett version is significantly more rockin’.

The opening cut on the first Montrose LP, “Rock the Nation”.