Help ID this 1960s song

This one is driving me nuts. Can’t figure out what or who.

I think it comes from about 1966 to 1969 by the sound of the instrumentation.

It’s an over-the-top lament by a guy who’s girlfriend died in a desert plane crash, and he can’t find her grave. His vocals are pleading and annoying, and the melody is carried mostly by an organ and drum. Lots of echo. There is a female chorus adding punctuation throughout, kind of like Ghost Riders in the Sky has. “OOOhh-AAAwww”. etc etc “ooHH-OOOhHhh” :rolleyes:

The lyrics are roughly along the lines of: “How can I find her grave in the desert? All buried and covered with sand. The ring she wore around her neck… lies twisted and buried in the wreck”.

I’m guessing 1966 and a regional hit somewhere. But I could be wrong. :smack:

Doesn’t ring a bell for me, so I thought I’d poke about Google for a few minutes. Imagine my surprise when on page 7 of my search there was a thread from the SDMB! I clicked it right away… and ended up back in this thread. :smack:

I googled the whole lyrics. Nothing.
I’m telling you, it is one trippy song. I don’t think it could have been a top 100 or 200 or I’d probably know it/find it. I heard it (uncredited) on an internet source, and it sounded like an old 45RPM, if you know what I mean.

I don’t recognize those lyrics, but it sounds like you’re describing “D.O.A.” by Bloodrock.

Nope, but you’re right it does kind of sound like that LOL. Not DOA, but thanks :slight_smile:

Until I learn the secret, it will remain stuck in my brain. I’m getting tired of that organ :rolleyes:

It’s on page 1 of mine. :smack:

OK, I found the track in question, should anyone want to hear it. Go to this website (add in the first H) ttp:// and scroll down to “The Countess Plays The Blues” box, and click on track 3. It will take a few minutes to load, and the song starts at about 59 minutes in, just after a James Brown song.

Warning, this site is not exactly work or family friendly. It is safe but for adults.

For fun, listen to the first track while waiting for it to load.

If anyone knows that plane wreck song, I’d love to hear about it. I even considered that it might be a parody, but somehow I think it is just a song that flat out missed the mark.

It looks like it’s Sebastian Peabody, and the song is Grave in the Desert. You can listen to it here:

A thousand thank-you’s RJKUgly. I have no idea how you were able to find that!
Now to research Sebastian Peabody.

When I listed to the clip you linked to, it sounded familiar to me, at least sort of. But when I found it, I confess neither the artist nor the song title rang a bell at all.

I had googled several lines of the lyrics and came up empty, until I tried “grave in the desert” (with the quotes). It was the third hit on that search page.

I tried to find more stuff by the same artist, but came up dry. Either I just missed it, or he was kind of a “one (not quite a) hit wonder”. I still don’t know why it sounded familiar to me. It seems to have appeared on a couple of “theme” type compilation albums, and maybe I heard it at a Halloween party or something.

Anyway, glad to have stumbled across it for you. :slight_smile:

I really like super cheesy pop like this song. It has everything going for it. I’m surprised it hasn’t turned up more. I see now it is on some of the Halloween-monster type comps that are out there.

Sebastian Peabody has to be a fake name. Or a real name he changed, and then buried in the sand along with this track.

Interesting to find this record so popular and yet so uncommonly known.

Yes, Sebastian Peabody was a made up name, though I’m not sure where it originated, or why… the given title of the song is wrong, even.

The correct title and artist is Unmarked And Uncovered With Sand by J. Frank Wilson (yes the title is wrong as it should’ve been Unmarked And Covered With Sand). J. Frank Wilson, of course, had a massive hit with the song Last Kiss (where, oh where, can my baby be?) as J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers. After he split from them, he tried to have a solo career with no success, yet he put out some good records. The flip side of this one, a remake of the Dickey Lee tune, Me And My Tear Drops, is not a bad tune either.

I don’t remember this thread but I wanted to extend a hearty “Welcome to the Straight Dope,TopshelfTom!”

Nice job with that info!

I had never heard of the song but for some reason J.Frank Wilson crossed my mind and I read your thread and I guess my instinct was right. Thanks for the info and welcome to Straight Dope!!

YouTube link.

Well, I can’t un-hear that now. If I stepped in something that awful, I’d throw my shoe away.

Well, after hearing 1:05 of it, it’s pretty clear to me why it never made it to the top of the charts. It’s no Last Kiss, Teen Angel, or Tell Laura I Love Her.