Help ID this punk song ("I Want My Mommy")

Really wish I could remember more than I do, but this is all I’ve got: I think I owned this on a 7" single, possibly on an LP, but it was definitely a record. Don’t know when it was released, but I picked it up in the late 90s (it could have come out any time from the late 70s onward). It was basically a Toy Dolls-sounding/somewhat Ian Dury-ish punk song, and all I remember is the chorus, which was “I want my mommy - waah!” (possibly followed by “Mommy’s good to me” after being repeated 3 or so times, but I can’t be sure). It definitely wasn’t the Nomeansno with Jello Biafra song with a similar title - more pub punk than hardcore. Anybody got any ideas from this skimpy info?

Rolf Harris, who is not punk by any stretch of the imagination, had a song called “I’ve Lost My Mummy” which kind of sounds like the song you’re talking about. But I suspect it either is not it, or it was covered by someone else.

If you want a sample, here’s a direct link to the audio file on Amazon.

NRBQ did a song called…er…“I Want My Mommy”. Not really punk, but…

ETA: oh, here are lyrics

(man, those lyric websites are evil)

Thanks, that’s not it, but it sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.

Yeah, kneepants, I found the NRBQ song on iTunes and listened to a sample, thinking that might be it, but alas, it isn’t. Thanks, though.

I fear this may be a bit too obscure even for this place.