Help identify a font

I tried one of those online identifiers with no luck.


Anyone recognize this font?

The kerning suggests it might not be a specific font at all, but instead, a bit of vector art that someone has drawn by hand (albeit perhaps starting with a font that has pointed descenders such as Mortal Kombat or Blade II)

You could browse around DaFontand see if anything looks like that.

To check out what font is used you can use the 2 provided websites:

If they can’t exactly narrow down the font, at least you get a font that will look mostly the same way, but you may get lucky.

I figured it was a logo of some sort (hence the kerning) but I was assuming there was an existing font as a starting point. I used the font identifier links above with ho luck. Apparently the fact that the letters are touching throws off their recognition software.

I spent about 30 minutes on dafont with no success. They have a LOT of fonts to peruse.

Yeah, those letters might have started in some typeface but they’ve been altered, and it would take less time to reconstruct the logo than to find the original face. With so few curves, that’s about four minutes’ work in Illustrator. Is that why you ask, because you need a high-res vector version?

Yep that’s vector illustration not a font . Search free font sites for heavy metal fonts and you should find lots of similar ones.

No, a friend wanted me to try to design a similar logo for him. I was hoping for the typeface as a starting point and am having trouble finding it.

I’ll take coremelt’s (who’s username I just got) suggestion and search heavy metal fonts.

I’m guessing the OP wants a word that uses different letters to the logo. The image itself is available on the web as a vector already