Yet Another "Identify This Font" Thread

I have always liked the stern and businesslike, yet forward-moving font used by the old-line aerospace companies in their logos. I guess it would be described as a bold, slant, geometric sans font. Boeingis an exemplar.

Does anyone know the name of that font, or a similar one? A bonus would be a font that has both black and outline versions.

how’s this?


Nice try - this is probably a little closer, but it is only vaguely similar


Here is afontsimilar to the one Boeing uses. I had to jump through a bunch of hoops a few years ago to get permission to use the actual Boeing font to make a logo for my crew. I was suppose to delete it when I was done, I don’t remember if I did.

Well, I can’t beat racer72’s! But I’ve always liked this font for what you describe:

House Industries Bullet.

I think the closest free font you’ll find is Enter Sansman. I use it on my website.

Hmmm…for the record,[=&ch[1]=B&ch[2]=O&ch[3]=E&ch[4]=I&ch[5]=N&ch[6]=G&ch[7]=&"] What The Font]([0) couldn’t find an exact match—in Boeing’s case, at least, it might have been drawn up special by a company artist or somesuch. :frowning:

Very nice!