Help identify this animal. A bentaron/bentiron/binteron....

Many years ago I volunteered time at the local offices of the American Cancer Society. One of the other people there was a woman who participated in a unique adoption opportunity. In conjunction with one of the local zoos, she took physical custody of two large animals pronounced something like “bentarons”. They were large (about 7’ long) creatures that walked on all fours and were furry, shaped a bit like an aligator or crocodile with what looked to be a powerful tail. IIRC, they were from Southeast Asia and were tree dwellers (which kinda surprised me as they looked to be about 150lbs.)

Any ideas on what these were called/spelled?

Probably the binturong, a large civet:

Your weight estimate is a bit high, according to that (30-40 lbs).

Thanks yabob! That’s it. They looked like they’d weigh a lot more being 6’(ish) in length, but they were also on the other side of the caging.

I thought this was interesting from your link:


Banteng is a bovine type animal.

Bandicoot is an Australian rabbit like small mammal.

They’re only rabbit-like in being approximately the same size. In terms of appearance, diet and behaviour they are like large shrews.