Help identify this film

Here’s what I remember:
[ul][li]Mid-to-late 1980s. I’m guessing around 1985-1987.[/li][li]Australian (I think).[/li][li]Governments of the world have agreed to interconnect their power systems.[/li][li]The interconnected system is called “The Grid”.[/li][li]When the Grid is turned on, everyone disappears from the planet except for one guy (whom IIRC was one of the people involved in the project) and a woman.[/li][li]In one scene, the woman is wearing a French maid’s apron. When she turns around, we see she’s not wearing anything under it.[/li][li]There may have been another (male) survivor – Alpha-type, physical guy who is the engineer’s rival for the attentions of the woman.[/ul][/li]Does any of that ring a bell?

I’ve never actually seen it myself, but I’m pretty damn sure it would have been
The Quiet Earth

An early sleeper hit for New Zealand Cinema with Bruno Lawrence. 1985.

Dang. It’s still one of those ‘classics’ I have never got around to seeing.


Thanks, dman. Every time I see it in a video store, I think I should pick it up. But for some reason I never do. I actually saw it at the cinema when it was released. I’ll have to go over to Amazon and see about putting it in my shopping cart.

Wow – I thought I was the only person in the world (ironic, don’t you think?) that saw “The Quiet Earth.” I saw it a long time ago, but remember it being pretty good. It did a great job of showing the various stages of the “last man on earth’s” sense of confusion, panic, enjoyment, and finally dispair at being the only person in the world. (There’s a great scene where you see him playing with an elaborate train set in a store, clealy enjoying not having to worry about someone running up and telling him to not touch the display. It then cuts to him at the controls of a REAL train, clearly enjoying being able to do whatever he wants – but with no one to share it with.)

What impressed me the most was that it depended soley on the protaganist. There were no special effects, no real action scenes, no lurking horror like everybody else had been turned into zombies or something.

I do remember that once the other survivors that the movie became more formula, with the two men fighting over the last woman, but before that point it was a very well done sci-fi mindtrip.


I remember seeing this one - pretty bleak, but interesting in a weird way. The one moment of levity:

Her: “Not if you were the last man on earth.” Him: “I’m working on it…”

Did anybody understand the ending?

I assume that whatever planet he was on, was where everyone else was sent. Do you think he’s alone there?

I haven’t been able to find a copy of the book. Can any New Zealander Dopers come up with a copy?

I haven’t seen it since it came out, but I think…

It’s left to the viewer to decide what actually happened. I think he slid into another reality, just as had happened at the beginning.

But I’d have to see it again.

Speaking of seeing it again, it’s OOP. I did sign up at amazon to “vote for release” and to be notified when it’s available on DVD.

Forget it. They can’t find them, either.

But one of your neighbors can. I think it’s buried in my boxes of books from my move (two years ago!). When I find it, I’ll post a message.

BTW, this is one of the most-asked questions on the IMDB message board. Other most-asked questions are (in no particular order):

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Answer: The Bermuda Depths

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Answer: This question came up time and time again, with no answer from the experts. Everyone seemed to have recalled it, but no one knew the title. Finally, someone happened across it. The name was The World Beyond, which was probably a sort of pilot for a proposed series.