Help identify this music video

So I am strolling through the Roku channels, and on “B-Movie TV” I come across the tail end of some sort of charity video (I am guessing) that had a bunch of hair bands, including I think Quiet Riot, singing “We are staaaaars, we are staaaaars” over and over again, then finished up with photos of everyone that participated.
What was this?

Hear 'n Aid; 1986.

Stars (5 minutes):

Here’s a longer (47 minute) video about the whole thing:

Thank you.

For what it’s worth, I’ve heard about this nowadays and could have come up with the answer if @Snowboarder_Bo hadn’t beaten me to it, but I’m pretty sure I was totally unaware of it during the 80s, despite being thoroughly familiar with the projects like Band Aid and USA For Africa that inspired it.