Help identifying a song, please

I learned this in my middle school choral program (way, way back in the day) but can’t for the life of me remember the name of the song. It was sung as a round (we did it bass/tenor, alto then soprano) with all the parts coming together at the end.

This is the only part I clearly remember, and I tried googling the lyrics but haven’t come up with anything.

"It was a misty morning at the top of a hill
with all the trees below me standing quiet and still
And in a distant voice I thought I heard someone say
It’s just the voice of creation thanking God for today

Misty morning of a greener dawn, your day is here
Misty morning I can hear your song, the sound is quiet but the song is clear"

Help please?

Yeah, so I feel like a dunce. I found the title and composer. Now if I could only find a recording…
Misty Morning by Carl Nygard

Darn it! This was one I knew!

We did it for county chorus when I was in high school.