Help, I'm falling off the wagon!

Well, I’ve been a non-drinker since spring break (a month, give or take), but now I’m seriously considering getting off the wagon, starting tongight. :slight_smile: I didn’t get on because I had a drinking problem - I had maybe three drinks in any given week - but it seemed kinda pointless. Of late, however, I’ve noticed that drunk people seem to have more fun. Also, most of the women I’m interested in drink.

So, two questions: Is there any particular reason to stay on the wagon, given my old drinking habits? And if not, then what should I “break the fast” with?

Well uh… the reason that people who drink have more fun is because they’re stupider. Maybe not literally, but your propensity for doing stupid things increases exponentially when you’re under the influence. That said, there’s nothing wrong with have a couple drinks.

So to answer your questions:
As long as you’re not a lush, there’s no particular reason to stay on the wagon.

You can break the fast with pretty much whoever you want to.