Help in finding Biker film

I was watching Hell’s Angels 69 last night and it reminded me of a Biker Film I saw once. Must have been late 60’s or early 70’s. All I can remember is a biker moved his bike into a (house, apartment, motel room) He did push ups over a reclining biker girl.
There was a red headed girl on a sofa sitting topless. Another girl came in and she said “She likes to watch”. That about all I can remember.

If anyone can remember the name of the film or the name of the actress ( I think she became a real estate agent) , I would be eternally grateful.:D:D

Meanwhile, I was watching Hell’s Angels on Wheels last night. And I thought “What a redundant title… where else would they be? On skis?”

I’ve got some Old Movie Buff friends working on this, but nothing immediately came to mind.

Holy Crap! :eek: I figured I’d just do a Google search and pin it down. Take a look at this list of “Biker Films”

Good luck wading through that!

Sounds like a biker-themed porn film.

Probably a title like ‘Throbbing Rods’, ‘Hard Tails’ or ‘Big Choppers’. Or maybe ‘Throbbing Rods, Hard Tails and Big Choppers’.


Can’t help with the OP but this thread took me back to the late sixties when I was a kid and my parents would ship me off to stay with my aunt, uncle and cousins in Michigan. One of the strange (to me) rituals of summer for them was loading the whole gang into the gigantic Buick Electra four door and heading off to the drive-in to see B-movies. Saw many of the linked titles and the one that stuck with me the most was “Mini Skirt Mob” There was a scene where a camping trailer in the desert gets blowed up real good and the female villain runs out in flames. Kind of messed me up as a 9 year old.

Sadly, I’ve seen quite of these films but they all kind of blurred together.*

Watched The Mini-Skirt Mob and The Wild Angels recently and they don’t fit the bill, as far as I can remember.

If there’s a topless scene in it, Mr. Skin should have a bit on it. So run down the Wikipedia list, C&P each title in and see if you get something. (Besides a really skeevy feeling.)

(And since nobody asked. Best motorcycle movie: Little Fauss and Big Halsy.)

*[Haley Joel Osment voice]I see B movies.[/Haley Joel Osment voice]

What, better than Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man?

The title is probably an attempt to be clever with a take off on the phrase ‘hell on wheels’.

Late 60s there was a biker flick that had a simple fuzz guitar theme song. It was even on the radio. That ring a bell with anyone?

Or " Soft Tail " or "Pipes of Chrome " or my personal favorite, " The Ape Hangers ".