Help in identifying guitar effect

There’s a song, by a band called Verve, called Star Sail. It’s a pretty spacey track, and from what I can tell, uses a few effects on it, especially delay, reverb and overdrive. However, there’s a section of the track where the guitarist plays a few notes which pretty much build the sound of the song which use an effect which I cannot reproduce.
If anyone has heard the song, or is willing to “obtain” and listen to it to try to help me, I’ll be grateful, the effect I’m looking for is used on the few notes played after the singer sings “crying out, crying out are you there?” to “hello, it’s me, it’s me I wan’t to touch you”.

The song is pretty easy to play, but I just cannot reproduce that effect. Thanks for any help.

Just found out that the song is the soundtrack to “Sliver”, an apparently dreadful movie, if any of you have seen it.

the sliver soundtrack is where I discovered the verve. great soundtrack - massive attack and the young gods are on it, too.

I can’t help you with your question, but the verve’s guitarist, Nick McCabe, was phenomenal at creating atmospheric sounds. Reverb and feedback seem to be his weapons of choice.

“a storm in heaven” is one of my favorite CD’s.

Me too. I’m from the same town as they’re from, and everyone around here is pretty big on them.

McCabe was wasted on Urban Hymns.

I don’t have a recording of this song to refer to. Can you list any other songs/artists that use the same effect?

Could it be tremolo?

I haven’t heard the track, but I was intrigued enough to check out some of the tabs for it out there (they are legion), and one tabber mentioned that having a semi-hollowbody (ie Gibson ES-335) electric was essential for getting a certain “swelling” sound that he sounded orgasmic over.

IF this is the sound you’re referring to, it may well be controlled feedback. Guitar feedback run through a volume pedal can be very nice indeed, and semi-hollo’s really resonate when feeding back. Anyway, that’s my WAG.