HELP!! I've been hacked!!

WHEW! Thank you for coming here and reading this. But serously, I have been hacked! :frowning: And first of all…even my limited skills of computers have all become futile against this hack. Every few seconds my A drive keeps checking for a disk!! WHY?! And also… each time I restart my computer I get this sort of pop-up that reads: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
p! Then I keep clicking ok(the only choice to close it) then it starts over and over until I felt prompted to search continuosly on my regedit and I think it’s better now, but I want to be sure. What can I do to see what exactly I have? Is it sort of like the black file virus? The Trojan horse virus? Or another wannabe copy of “I Love YOU!” from the notorious Japanese hacker? PLease help me, im in devastation… :frowning:

Try McAfee’s FreeScan free online virus scanner.

And just for kicks, you could also check out HouseCall.

BTW, you have been cracked. By a cracker. I am a hacker, and I resent the implication that I engage in illegal behavior other than as a form of civil disobedience.

(No, breaking and entering coupled with vandalism does not count as civil disobedience. Rosa Parks sitting in that bus was civil disobedience.)

Darleth, I sympathize, but English is define by it’s usage. If only it could of been different.

Yes, even the mistyped apostrophe above may someday be defined as correct. Don’t even get me started on the teeth-grating “of.”


LOL! fauspax is back. Long time no see kiddo. I woulda known it was you just from reading the OP without your name attached. You have such a “unique” grasp of the english language that it just JUMPS out at me when I see a post of yours.

The message your receiving is probably someone using this command on a remote computer, (ex. Who ever it is, there’re just f*cking with you.):

" net send fauxpas waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
p! "

All it takes is a simple batch command with a loop statement, and you’ll keep getting this message over and over.

For the A: drive. Make sure you’re not sharing any drives. This is unlikely, but the most possible, IMO.

And finally, NEVER keep a file called password.doc or password.xls or any thing similar to it. I cannot stress this enough. And if you do end up keeping a file like that, PASSWORD PROTECT IT.