Help! looking for a program to collate related web pages

I need a program that will go to the homepage of a website, and download all the information from that page to Word as well as all the other pages backing that web address. Not links to a third party site, but all the related/linked pages associated with that home page.

A friend suggested “web spider”, which I have searched for but not found. Appreciate anyone with suggestions on how to get all of this information short of opening the home page, cut and paste to word; click on the first link, cut and paste to word; click on the second link, cut and paste to word; etc.


There is an app called WebWhacker that acts as a spider to grab a local copy of a site. I haven’t used it in years, but the old version had config to allow it to follow only on-site links or all links and to specify a link depth to follow. This app (at least the version I used) will download the HTML, image files, and other content, but you’ll have to import to Word yourself.

I use adobe acrobat for that…but its not a Word format thing, its a PDF thing. Try for other programs.