Help! Looking for a Swiss Souvenir

My sister is turning 40 this July and I’ve finally figured out what to get her. My grandparents were major world travellers and they had knickknacks from all over that they had displayed. When we were kids, there was one toy that we fought over with our cousins and they ended up getting it when my grandparents passed away.

It was a little Swiss Chalet maybe 2" high and about 3" wide (but my memory could be a bit off). At the peak of the roof was a little wreath with a window and if you looked in the window, there was a little slide show of Switzerland, one picture was the fountain in the lake. To advance the picture, you pushed down the chimney.

Besides taking a jaunt over to Switzerland to find one, any ideas of where I can get my hands on one?

Try PM-ing Anaglyph, who lives in Switzerland.

You mean this? I think you can get it online.

Holy crap! That’s it!!! Oooh happy dance! :D:D:D Thank you so much!

You are amazing!