Need to find a small, cheap bird statue, any thoughts?

My MIL started a game with me a while ago. She had received, for Christmas, from Uncle Lenny (he is pretty strange) an ugly little bird statue. It’s a carved and painted thing stuck to a round piece of wood with a twig, moss and some stones glued around it.

We had a great laugh over it and she passed it to me for my birthday. Now I need to return it for her birthday, the problem being my three year old got ahold of it and “loved” it to death, snapping it’s little legs. I have tried to fix it to no avail.

Please help me find something similar so I can return the “favor”.

Anything here close to what you’re looking for?

If not, my only advice is to check with eBay.

Happy hunting.

Um, I have lots of bird figurines, but none of them are ugly. :wink: I’d be glad to send you one – they’re going to a consignment store soon anyway.

Some of my bird salt & peppers verge on ugly, especially the Hekyll & Jekyll-looking ones.

e-mail’s in my profile, if you’re interested. I’ll pick the ugliest one.

Just the thing! Cheap, and ugly.

The Origami Hummingbird Decoy!


I have this hideous thing. You would have to add your own stones and moss. Email is in my profile if you want the thing.

Talk to Guttman and his gunsels. He’s got one made of the stuff dreams are made of.

Count your change, though.

Most dollar stores are filled to the rafters with bird statues that look like ass. That, and tube socks.

Dollar Tree or any of the Everything’s A Dollar type stores has tons of cheap-ass figuines like you’re looking for. I teased my wife about shopping for a present there, and told her I wanted a figurine of a clown with a fishing pole. As of yet, we’ve not found one, but we’re still looking.

I think you should return it in the condition it’s in, or fix the broken parts in a very sloppy, obvious manner.

Bingo. Goodwill and the Salvation Army spring to mind, or any thrift store.

Or something like these:





Any toy store will have a bathtub duck. You can ask the drug store if they have any Peeps left.

Just remember what the birdwatcher told me. You have to take the twitter with the tweet.