Cheap Dollar Earrings For Christmas

My wife got these from one of those “Dollar Stores”?

And they have a stocking with a little white kitty sitting in front of it.

She wasn’t satisfied with the kitty being white, so she got out her paints and put some orange on them to resemble Bert! (our kitty that I cat-napped - long story!)

My wife rocks!:slight_smile:



Hey, whatever works! (Have you posted photos of Bert? If not, shame on you!)

My sister bought a small stuffed dog for my son and used Sharpy marker to add “eyeliner” and muzzle spots so the stuffed animal looked like her dog, Kobe.

Similar to that, I’ve bought all kinds of stuff from the dollar store that I’ve added Alice Cooper eyes to. Not sure what that says about me though… :smiley:

So you fell for the old “I’m gonna fool my husband by buying very expensive earrings then passing them off as cheapo stuff and to prove how cheap they are I’ll buy paint that washes off, and my husband’s so dumb he’ll never know how much I spent.” routine


No, I think she bought them for Quasi. I can’t wait to see a picture of him wearing them. :smiley: