Help!... Mac Mechanic - how to uninstall

Argh! Despite my best vigilance I seem to have gotten a “virus” or malware in the form of Mac Mechanic. Googling leads mostly to ads for virus protection for sale. Not being computer savvy, I’m afraid I’m going to make it worse by following online advice.

Obviously I tried dragging it to the trash but it jumps back out. Can anyone help or point to a trusted site with instructions? I would be grateful.

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Generally, you need to look in the following locations, and delete any dodgy files:
~/Library/Application Support
~/Library/Launch Agents
~/Library/Launch Daemons
/Library/Launch Agents
/Library/Launch Daemons

I’m in my phone right now. When I get back to my computer, I’ll post more specific instructions.

Here are some instructions on how to remove it manually:

The upshot is:

  1. Delete Mac Mechanic from login items
  2. Delete it from Applications
  3. As I said above, delete suspicious files from those locations. The link above has some examples of suspicious files.
  4. Delete suspicious extensions from Safari and Firefox

Thanks! I’ll give those a try.

Can’t remove it from applications.

Nevermind, got it uninstalled. Thank you!

It might still show up. If it’s anything like MacKeeper, the only true way to purge it is to do a clean install, including formatting of the HD.
Trust me on this. I used to have responsibility for 500+ MacBook Airs at a High School. Whenever a kid showed up with MacKeeper, I’d just erase everything. Much quicker and the only way to be sure to get rid of it.

This isn’t true.
MacKeeper isn’t a Rootkit - you can delete the application and the associated launchers and be done with it.

In Windows, a virus can sometimes leave the installer on the computer, where it shows up again. Perhaps MacKeeper does that?

MacKeeper is not very sophisticated.
It installs files in the usual locations - LaunchAgents, LaunchDaemons, and Application Support and in /Applications.

These instructions have always worked for me: